Monday, February 15, 2016

Nevada Assemblyman Accuses FBI, Oregon State Police of Murder in Shooting Death of LaVoy Finicum

In Portland on Friday, after the last four Malheur wildlife refuge occupiers made their first court appearance, Nevada Assemblyman John Moore spoke to reporters outside the Federal Courthouse. “In my opinion, Mr. Finicum was murdered,” he said, referring to LaVoy Finicum’s shooting death by Oregon state police. “This man was trying to surrender,” Moore said, “but they chose violence and murder rather than to apprehend him.” A member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and a former Army Ranger who was elected after having raised essentially no money at all, Moore described the action taken in the video that the FBI released of Finicum’s death as an “ambush.” “That man died at the hands of the Oregon state police, and federal agents, and he did not need to. That’s why I’m here today, that’s why I came up here—to try to prevent the further loss of life,” he said...more

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