Wednesday, February 17, 2016

San Jose State Poly-Sci Professor left death wish on Bundy Ranch Facebook page

 By Marjorie Haun

...Whether or not you agree with the actions of the Bundy family and their supporters in taking over a vacant, federally-owned building on the Malheur Wildlife Reserve near Burns, most Americans would wish for a peaceful resolution to the “standoff.” But from the beginning of the standoff, the Bundy Ranch Facebook page has been spattered with posts calling for the Oregon protesters and their families to be slaughtered. Since the killing by law enforcement officers of LaVoy Finicum, a rancher from Arizona who acted as spokesman for the “occupiers,” the vicious rhetoric has only intensified.  Prior to deleting violent and obscene posts, administrators of the page have been capturing disturbing screen shots of calls for violence against the Bundys, their supporters, and ranchers in the West. Although some of the posts can be attributed to Internet trolls and others looking to incite online warfare, the following post by the ordinary-looking James Brent, made it clear he wanted all the protesters dead.

What would cause an ordinary-looking guy to pray for the deaths of an entire group of Americans who were peacefully protesting government overreach? James Brent’s Facebook page reveals his profession: San Jose State University Professor -- he studied Political Science at Ohio State. The San Jose State directory confirms that James Brent, the man “praying” for the Bundys to be shot and killed, teaches Political Science at a California university.

Renee Wheeler and Sherry Hartin apparently think the ranchers are worse than the ISIS terrorists currently ravaging Syria and Iraq, calling for their elimination post-haste.

Following the killing of LaVoy Finicum by law enforcement officers, numerous gleeful and sadistic posts celebrating his death were posted on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page, like this one by Marcella Moine.

Derek Jimenez, Jerry Lee Jackson, and Matthew John, not only showed great pleasure in the death of LaVoy, but also the thought that the remaining protesters would be shot to death.

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