Friday, February 12, 2016

Supporters of Cliven Bundy say they are not surprised agents moved in on him

The Bundy Ranch without Cliven Bundy is quiet. The man that once led a self-proclaimed ranch war against Bureau of Land Management agents is now seen in a courtroom sketch trading the Constitution in his pocket for the blue uniform of an inmate. He is physically miles away from where he made his stand but in jail because of it. Supporters of the Bundy patriarch tell me they aren't surprised agents moved in on Cliven when he landed at the Portland airport. "the way it went down," his bodyguard Skipper went on to say, "There's tension and frustration." Cliven went to Oregon to support the last armed men and women holed up in a federal wildlife refuge. He was arrested upon arrival, charged with organizing what the Department of Justice calls a "massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers." His Bunkerville bodyguard tells me, that was a mistake. "He told me he was led by God." Skipper said on the Bundy Ranch. "I advised him not to go. I even told (Assemblywoman) Michelle Fiore 'I don't like this, something is going to happen'." Cliven Bundy now faces 6 charges related to his 2014 armed standoff with BLM over unpaid grazing fees. If convicted, he faces a minimum of 7 years in federal prison and as many as 42.  John Treanor, 3News, Las Vegas.     

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