Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baxter Black - The Designated American

I wonder if I will see in my lifetime the end of “Designated Americans?” I was filling out a form and was asked to check if I was African American, Hawaiian American, Latin American, Native American, Asian American, Anglo American or Other American.  I declined.  I guess it would make a difference if I were applying for a basketball scholarship, a cook in a Mexican restaurant, a judgeship on the Supreme Court, or a Karate teacher.  But should it?

...Eventually prejudice, on both sides will disappear as people tire of restrictions on belief, freedom of speech and color of skin. In 2076 black man, red man, white man, yellow man or brown man will be merely an adjective when describing someone.

...When you step into the world of governmental Designation…the table is no longer level. In an effort to make Americans equal, we’ve reverted to segregation! They have divided us against ourselves! In 1776, 36 Americans signed the Declaration of Independence which states, “…all men are created equal…” By 1866, 620,000 soldiers had died in the war to end slavery. In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson’s Voting Rights Act was signed by 410 members of Congress.  In 1968 Martin Luther King gave his life for the cause…2½ centuries of defending the Constitution’s declaration that all men were created equal.

Today our feeble leaders are trying to convince us that men are not created equal…that they can’t help themselves and some must be treated, mistreated, segregated and/or Designated, in order to become equal.   We’ve turned Washington D.C. back into the swamp from whence it came.

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