Sunday, March 13, 2016

Baxter Black - A note from Rudy the cow dog

Dere felo caowdogs. Its bin a wile sinc I ben abel to sneek in a collum. B. Black dvm (dip vat maneger, ha, ha) has ben wathing me pretty clos.

 Got a letter from Bloo and Bare. Bare sed he liked hour vedio better than the buk. It was cruntcheyer! Bloo got spad. Evre sinc the nayber sot me I bin staing clos to home, too.

Did get run oufer las somer but onely brok my leg.

I tink my contsent viglens has cut dowen on Backstirs cowdog kritasizein. Besides, wot he nose abowt anemil behavyer wood fit in a pinewurms poketbuk!

 He went to a horstraning klinick. That’s a laff! “Bekum won with yer hours.” The pore fule izent evun won with his dandrif!  Bowt the onely thing hez wone with is his ropping dummy!

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