Thursday, March 10, 2016

Calling Washington Home To The Border - Tonight!

6 p.m. Welcome, introduction of speakers and dignitaries and short video 
6:15 It’s all Irrelative Until it is Your Relative, Sue and Frank Krentz 
Sue was born and raised in Douglas, Ariz. She graduated from Cochise College in 1974 and married Rob and moved to the Krentz Ranch East of Douglas in 1977. She is very active in her local and state Cowbelles. Frank is the middle son of Rob and Sue. After graduating from NMSU with his Master’s in Agriculture Business he moved back to the family ranch. He stays very involved with local and state natural resource conservation districts and cattle grower associations. 
6:25 Ranching on the Border, William Hurt 
William’s family started ranching in N.M. in 1909. Today, he and his siblings manage the Hurt Cattle Co which runs along the U.S./Mexico border for approximately 30 miles. He graduated from NMSU in 1979 and has been running cattle along the border since 1983. 
6:35 Animal Health and Border Relations, Dr. Gary Thrasher 
Dr. Thrasher is a large animal veterinarian that has provided veterinary services and herd health management services to ranches in Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas since 1973. He has also managed ranches in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. For 15 years he also operated a Mexican chartered corporation that provided ranch consulting and cattle export processing to meet USDA requirements for Mexican ranchers exporting feeder cattle to the U.S. He lives in Palominas, Ariz. and operates Hereford Veterinary Service and Westlake Cattle Growers LLC, a cattle processing, weaning, and backgrounding facility in Cochise, Ariz. 
6:45 Economic Impacts on Border Businesses, Tricia Elbrock and Bunch Swift 
Trisha, along with her husband, Edward and son, Bunch own and operate a water system and septic service company that serves ranchers, farmers and home owners in Luna and Hidalgo Counties in N.M. and Cochise County, Ariz. In addition, they own a mercantile that supplies feed and material to residents in a tri-county area. They also own a cattle and sheep ranch Southwest of Animas. 
6:55 Public School Safety Concerns, Loren Cushman 
Mr. Cushman has been involved in education for 20+ years, starting out as a teacher and currently serving as Superintendent of Animas Public Schools. While at Reserve Public Schools he lobbied against the wolf reintroduction in the Gila National Forest. He also still serves as Pastor for the Double C Church in Reserve. 
7:05 Federal Government Cover Ups: What They Don’t Want You to Know, Ed Ashurst 
Ed is a 4th generation Arizona resident and member of the livestock industry. He has managed the 10X Ranch for 20 years and has made a living on cattle ranches since 1969. He has lived at present location near the U.S./Mexico border for 19 years and has written 5 books including Alligators in the Moat, an expose of our government’s deliberate failure to secure our border with Mexico.

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