Monday, March 14, 2016

Forest Service Bulletin On Adrian Sewell


DebbieBacigalupi said...

Dear Frank -

According to Adrian's wife, who is busy with 4 month old twin daughters and a 5 year old son, maintaining their animals and home, this is an old notice and character slander.

Is there a reason you are posting this and did not reach out to the Sewells for comment?

Just wondering ... because this seems really lame and further character assassination, would you agree?

Kristen Riter said...

Fair point... appears Govt witch hunts continue!
Mr Dubois please honor your profession and your fellow now decent American citizens.

Frank DuBois said...

I guess different eyes see things differently.

I posted this because I thought it made the Forest Service look bad, not Adrian. I had no idea the FS posted bulletins like this on people who have been charged with no crime, and I'll bet most of my readers weren't aware of this practice either. Now they are and that's why I posted it.

Finally, since Adrian has shared this on his Facebook page, I really don't see anything wrong with also having it here.

Thanks for your comments.

DebbieBacigalupi said...

Thank you Frank for clarification. With no summary of why you were posting a picture of Adrian whose wife is a business partner of mine with Rodan+Fields it seemed a bit out of character as well as a heads forewarned of this guy. I can tell you Adrian, although very upset at what is happening, has displayed courage and calm through this all. It is a disgrace that the DOI would reach back into Adrian's college days to say that he is violent. UNBELIEVABLE TIMES WE LIVE IN.

Frank DuBois said...

You are right about the no explanation.

Many long-time readers of TW know I suffer from multiple sclerosis. When I have certain symptoms I have spend time in bed and use my laptop. I can cut and paste articles, but typing is almost impossible. Thus, articles and images get posted without comment, etc. from me. It usually works, but in this case I can sure understand your concern.