Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oregon occupation supporters investigated for death threats

Like her husband, Carol Bundy says she has little faith in the federal judicial system. “This is going to be won in the court of public opinion,” the mother of 14 grown children and wife of renegade cattleman Cliven Bundy predicted earlier this month. She was referring to the more than three dozen indictments recently handed down by the U.S. against her husband, four sons and other armed militants involved in the takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge in January and a Nevada land occupation two years ago. But some of that public opinion has dissolved into threats from Bundy supporters and is now being investigated by state and federal authorities, possibly leading to more criminal charges. In email, phone messages and Facebook posts, supporters have threatened retaliation for the mass arrests and the death of Robert LaVoy Finicum, 54, a Nevada rancher and a spokesman for the militants, who was shot and killed during the 41-day standoff in Oregon. The messages target law enforcement officers and government officials, including Oregon’s governor, according to a sampling of threats released last week by the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. Investigators gathered more than 80 threats as part of the office’s investigation into the Finicum shooting in neighboring Harney County...more

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