Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'This land belongs to all Americans,' Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says in Burns

Harney County, infamous now for enduring a 41-day occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, may find itself back in the spotlight soon and this time it will be the government's doing. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell concluded a day of tours and meetings in the Burns area Monday by declaring she intends to help trumpet a success that got overshadowed by acts of the armed protesters who took over the reserve Jan. 2. The story, she said, involves environmentalists, government, ranchers and "a disaster averted." They worked together under the brand of the High Desert Partnership to protect the greater sage grouse while avoiding crippling federal regulation that could have upended ranching and logging in a weak economic region, she said in an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive. Jewell, a former commercial banker and president of REI Inc., said she'll return to Washington, D.C., determined to showcase the Harney County effort, making it a national model for serving both economic and conservation needs. She'll also take home lessons from her day of tutorials by Harney County officials, refuge workers, Burns Paiute tribal leaders and federal agency workers...more

You think you are part owner of the Malheur Wildlife refuge?  Just go claim your share.  You'll end up behind bars just like the Bundys.

"This land belongs to all Americans" is a bromide that should be rejected by all Americans.  The feds control ingress and egress.  You don't.  The feds can sell or trade it.  You can't.  The feds regulate the uses allowed.  You don't.  One can only conclude the feds "own" it, not all Americans.  The land is controlled by a political entity and managed for political purposes.  Through politics, and only through politics, you may have influence over the land, but you certainly don't own it. 

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