Sunday, March 27, 2016

Threats continue over killing during Oregon refuge takeover

Officials say threats against police and public officials that started within hours of the Jan. 26 death of ranching standoff leader Robert “LaVoy” Finicum have continued. One anonymous caller threatened to kill Gov. Kate Brown the day after Finicum died. Earlier this month, authorities documented up to 80 threats against police officers and others, according to The Oregonian newspaper. “We’re going to shoot to kill,” one anonymous caller said in a message left for Brown. “You killed an unarmed rancher, so now one of you must die,” said another caller to her office. The governor’s office reported Friday that threats related to the standoff and Finicum shooting continue to come in against Brown. One email demanded the release of refuge occupiers jailed on federal charges. It also demanded indictments for the officers involved in Finicum’s death. If that doesn’t happen, the writer said, “I am going to begin returning fire.” Reports of Finicum’s death started the cascade of threats. They surged again when investigators earlier this month announced the details of how Finicum died...more

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