Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1890: Horse thieves caught by Sheriff Whitehill

March 1, 1890, Silver City Sentinel

While at Deming a week ago Sheriff Whitehill learned of a herd of 24 horses among which were three magnificent stallions, having been driven from Old Mexico through Deming by four suspicious characters. Investigating further he found a young fellow named Miller who informed him that he was acquainted with the outfit, that they were thieves and that one of them was yet in Deming visiting his wife. Miller explained that the men had stolen a band of horses from Deveere and Cooper's ranches in Dona Ana county, taken the animals to Mexico and there traded them off for the stock driven through Deming. By the assistance of Miller, Sheriff Whitehill located and shadowed the thief who had had laid over in the town to see his wife, and the pair were followed to Silver City, where the man parted with the woman and started for the Gila. Four deputies and several member of the Southwest Stock Association followed him, and were led to the retreat of his three companions at a point on the bank of the stream. The desperadoes and their plunder were quickly surrounded and the villains ordered to throw up their hands. They sulkily complied, whereupon all four were taken into custody, brought to the city and jailed. They gave their names as George West, Frank Murray, Harry Locket, and _____ Dolores, and upon searching them six-shooters and Bowie-knives were found concealed about their clothes and three of the desperadoes wore fine steel chain body armors...more

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