Tuesday, April 19, 2016

California Dumps a Trillion Gallons of Fresh Water in Ocean – Declares Water Shortage

California is dumping trillions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean, creating a man-made disaster, to protect an non-endangered bait fish. For years now, the southern 1/3 of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley’s farmland has been turned into a “man-made” dust bowl. The water is being allowed to just run off the mountains, through the river system, through the delta, and out into the ocean. The water is being reserved for the little Delta Smelt, a three inch bait fish...Now, California is in the midst of a drought. As the Governor institutes water emergency rules, they just let all that water just keep pouring into the ocean. Unbelievable! The Climate Change, Save the Whale, Hug the Tree, Save the Baitfish crowd consistently uses a false narrative to to accomplish their political agenda. Now scientists are predicting a 35 year mega-drought in the West. When does the madness stop?  Environmental and endangered species laws are being used to force a political agenda, and in the process, doing severe damage to our country. Filmmaker David Spady is working on a movie to highlight the travesty. No Water. No Farmer. No Food. reveals the extent to which both rural and urban populations rely on the nation’s agricultural industry...more

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