Friday, April 29, 2016

Cliven Bundy Trial Set Back to 2017

The Nevada federal trial of ranchers Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and 15 others accused of breaking federal laws during an April 2014 standoff has been pushed back to Feb. 6, 2017. U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy A. Leen on Tuesday granted a request to cancel the May 2 trial date, due to scheduling conflicts with Oregon Federal Courts. "Failure to grant the request would likely result in a miscarriage of justice," Leen wrote. In addition to postponing the Bundys' trial date, Leen designated the trial a complex case and set deadlines for pretrial motions and other proceedings. She gave federal prosecutors until May 6 to produce discovery evidence. Prosecutors and 13 of the 19 defendants, including Cliven Bundy, asked for the complex case designation. Leen said the case qualifies as complex due to the 16 felony counts against 19 defendants, the "voluminous" discovery, and the hundreds of potential witnesses. She said more than 100 witness interviews have been done already, with more coming. The government will call 30 to 45 witnesses, and seven of the defendants face separate criminal charges in Oregon...more

 That's the way the feds do it:  Get the judge to deny you bail and then keep movin' the trial back.  That increases the odds you will settle.


Dave Pickel said...

Settle for what Frank? Cliven gives Nevada ranchers a bad name. They are not rallying around him. His support comes from the fringe. Misinformed malcontents wanting to play Army willing to draw a bead on a fellow American. Not to cool I’m afraid.

Frank DuBois said...

Dave, my comment was aimed at the tactic by the feds. I didn't mention Bundy.