Friday, April 08, 2016

Lawmakers Ruin EPA Chief’s Earth Day With Plans For A Subpoena

Republicans lawmakers are looking to put a huge damper on Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy’s plans for 2016’s Earth Day by issuing a subpoena for her to appear at a field hearing in Arizona to answer for the agency-caused mine blowout. Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso  , who chairs the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, said he’s working with committee members to get McCarthy to attend a field hearing in Phoenix April 22, which is Earth Day. McCarthy may not be able to join Secretary of State John Kerry in signing the United Nations Paris agreement to cut carbon dioxide emissions, set to take place in New York City on Earth Day. It’s not yet clear if McCarthy will attend the field hearing. The subpoena threat comes after EPA refused to send a representative to the field hearing, which will examine EPA’s treatment of Navajo Nation residents in the wake of the Gold King Mine blowout in Colorado that agency workers caused in August...more

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