Friday, April 01, 2016

State kills 4 Oregon wolves following attacks

Four wolves were shot and killed by wildlife officials Thursday afternoon in northeast Oregon, bringing to an end a weeklong spate of violence between the Imnaha Pack and two livestock operations. The wolves made five attacks on livestock this month, including four in the past week, which resulted in the death of two sheep and four cattle, state biologists said. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife classified the situation as “chronic livestock depredation” and authorized the killing of alpha male OR-4, alpha female OR-39 and two younger wolves. "This was a very unfortunate situation for everybody involved," said Russ Morgan, ODFW wolf coordinator, in phone interview. “As wildlife managers, we have to strike a balance between conserving wolves and minimizing impacts on livestock. This action wasn't easy, but we felt it was the correct decision under these circumstances.” The department last took lethal action against wolves in 2011, when two wolves, also from the Imnaha Pack, were killed by Fish and Wildlife officials. In 2009, state officials killed two wolves known as the Keating Pair...more

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