Friday, May 06, 2016

County, ranchers, BLM try to find solutions to overpopulation of wild horses in Elko County

Commissioners, ranchers and local Bureau of Land Management personnel all expressed frustrations Thursday over the issues involved in managing wild horses. Commissioners spoke with BLM personnel and ranchers about how wild horses affect public lands in Elko County and neighboring counties. Last week the BLM sent letters to 10 permittees regarding 14 allotments, asking the ranchers to reduce grazing because there is an overpopulation of wild horses south of Wells. “We are way over AML, appropriate management level, and we are working proactively to try to potentially round up those horses,” BLM District Manager Jill Silvey told the commission. Commissioners Demar Dahl and Rex Steninger both questioned why the BLM waited until April 26 to send the letters to the permittees instead of sending them in November. Both commissioners said the BLM knew the horses were over the AMLs. “It isn’t that cut and dry,” Silvey said. She said they knew there were too many horses, but it hadn’t been quantified and there are more horses in the area than they expected. Melanie Mitchell, acting field manager for the Wells office, said she has spoken to all the effected permittees and she continues to talk with them...more

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