Monday, May 16, 2016

Florida home-grown beef to hit store shelves next January

A dozen Florida cattle ranchers have formed a new company that will market beef grown entirely in the Sunshine State. In the past, almost all cattle raised in Florida was sold and sent to feed lots in the Midwest to be fattened up before it was slaughtered. But the ranchers believe there is a strong demand for “grown in Florida” food. The Florida Cattle Ranchers company will send about 25,000 head of cattle to a feed lot in North Florida to be fattened up. That's possible because more corn is being grown in Florida. "It's very exciting to me because it's from one point from the beginning to the end,” said Dr. Robert Gukich. There will be a special label on the beef at the store. Customers will be able to scan a bar code with their cell phones. It will tell them where their beef was grown and how it was raised...more

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