Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jarvis didn't change minds of vocal opponents of monument

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Some critics aren't buying the National Park Service director's message that a national monument in northern Maine won't place restrictions on land or impose air quality standards that could stymie certain industries. One of them, Bob Meyers from the Maine Snowmobile Association, said the director's "don't worry" attitude was troubling because, in his view, there's plenty to worry about. Director Jon Jarvis held forums in East Millinocket and Orono on Monday with a goal of hearing from Mainers before recommending whether President Barack Obama should designate the 87,500 acres east of Baxter State Park as a national monument. Critics are distrustful of the federal government and believe National Park Service ownership could lead to restrictions of land uses.

Nice to see the folks in Main understand the primary purpose of designating a Nation Monument is to RESTRICT PUBLIC ACCESS.

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