Wednesday, May 04, 2016

'We made a mistake': Earls reverses decision on Canadian beef

Earls, the restaurant chain that announced last week that its move to Certified Humane meat meant it would no longer source beef from Canadian farmers, has reversed its position, calling the original decision “a mistake.” On Wednesday, the Vancouver-based company said it will continue to buy beef from Alberta farmers after all. “We made a mistake when we moved away from Canadian beef,” said Earls Restaurants president Mo Jessa in a statement. “We want to make this right. We want Canadian beef back on our menus so we are going to work with local ranchers to build our supply of Alberta beef that meets our criteria.” It’s not yet clear what the latest announcement means for the restaurant’s pledge to move toward Certified Humane meat. The company had previously said there were not enough Canadian farmers producing meat using the U.S.-based certification program. According to an Earls spokeswoman last week, the company tried to work with Alberta farmers until just a few weeks ago, but after it tried to supply just seven of its 66 locations with Alberta Certified Humane beef, the company ran out of beef and had to use supplies that did not meet the new standard...more

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