Tuesday, June 14, 2016

About today's THE WESTERNER

I screwed up Sunday morning.  In my haste I posted the previous week's Julie Carter column, rather than the new one.  And, I forgot to post my column.  They both appear today.

I screwed up Monday morning.  Regular readers will have noticed I've learned to embed documents on this website, witness Friday's edition where I posted the Game & Fish court documents.  My intent was to publish the two national articles about me, but somewhere between Friday and Monday morning I unlearned how to embed a document.  After two hours of trying I graciously and calmly gave up.  After a few hours sleep, and actually going back and reading the tutorials, they both appear today.  I've had quite a few questions, comments and requests for the articles, which are not available on the internet.  Hope this satisfies those requesters, along with my vanity.

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Tick said...

Welcome to my world mi amigo. That's becoming a daily thing with me. Thank goodness for tutorials.