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Bathroom Directive and the art of Despotism

From Amash to Zeldin
Citizenry Register
Bathroom Directive and the art of Despotism
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

               In an outburst of savage temper, our first President spoke of “those from whom we seek protection” were the “cause” of the conflict that brought to us … America. “(They) are endeavouring by every piece of Art & despotism to fix the Shackles of Slavery upon us,” he thundered.
George Washington supported a total trade embargo with Britain as a result of their deafness to the issues the colonies faced. He and our soon to be First Lady, Martha, then explained together that the stepwise, inevitable move to “arbitrary Government” by Great Britain had the affect of reducing Americans to the status of “Slaves”.
Is there any difference in what the majority of Americans are now trying to sort through? From the capricious break down of limitation of this federal government of late, maybe a place to start this discourse is … their bathroom.
Citizenry Register
The Federal Register has become the daily sign post from which we get word of the next federal mandate being staged for imposition on us as a society. The scope and breadth of it is beyond the ability of any one person to absorb. Even its format leaves an ominous and threatening impression. It is past the point the Citizenry needs its own source of information being planned for action against this government to get the attention of “those from whom we seek protection”. Its form would look and appear as follows:

[Citizenry Register Volume 1, Number 1 (Sunday, June 5, 2016]
[Pages 33500-33700]
From the Citizenry Register Online via the Citizenry Publishing Office
[FR Doc No: 2016- blah, blah, blah … blah]

Initiation of 2-Year Status Reviews of 43 House Republicans who voted for Obama’s       Transgender Agenda

AGENCY: Native Born American Citizens
ACTION: Notice of initiation of reviews; request for information

SUMMARY: We, the Native Born American Citizenry, are initiating a 2-year status review under the Constitution, as amended, of 43 House Republicans. A 2-year status review is based on the best personal and voting record data available at the time of the review; therefore, we are requesting submission of any new information on these office holders that has become available since the last election of said specimens.

DATES: To ensure consideration in our reviews, we are requesting submission of new information no later than July 26, 2016. However, we will continue to accept new information about any listed office holder at any time.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For information on a particular office holder, contact the appropriate person or office listed in the table in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section. Individuals who are hearing impaired or speech impaired may call the Federal Relay Service at 800-877-8339 for TTY assistance in that you have paid a ton of money to keep that exchange in salary, bonus, and retirement benefits.
            The Agenda spinsters
            On May 25, 43 House Republicans joined Democrats to vote for this president’s transgender agenda. They voted for what is known as the Maloney amendment, which ratified this fellow’s 2014 executive order barring private businesses that do contract work for the federal monstrosity from engaging in discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in their private employment policies.
            In other words, the feds want to read your bathroom policies, and, if you don’t have any bathroom policies, you’d better write some that they like and approve. No longer does simple amiga/amigo signage suffice. On the contrary, Amiga has a growing series of definitions that cannot be found in Webster.
            American businesses are no longer free to contract with their government without threat of penalty toward their beliefs of issues that six months were not even on their radar. Up until then, Amiga had a skirt and Amigo was wearing a sombrero. It didn’t matter what color the skirt or the sombrero were. They just needed to be reasonable renditions of the subject. They simply signified a place of reasonable sanctuary for a mandatory two minute stop.
            With the help of 43 intact boors, this is now altered from a matter of propriety to a statutory gender identity quagmire. What are they thinking? If they want to wear a skirt or sombrero on their own time, who cares? I don’t and neither does the horse they rode in on, but …a debacle it will be.
            This isn’t about transgender bathroom stops. It will span locker rooms, showers, dorms, overnight hotels, and all other places that the agenda seeks to permeate. Our country cannot close its borders, but it can open bathroom doors to all comers. The action converts the presidential order to law through future appropriation measures. The 43 Republicans have effectively required American businesses to embrace the transgender agenda. Try to find that in the Constitution or in their sworn oath of office.
            Sexual orientation and gender identity now have special legal status. They represent protected citizens. Christians are not. They are required to find protection in their beliefs by seeking remedies through existing religious liberties, but don’t count on that being easy. This fellow’s agenda seeks to demolish those protections. This isn’t just bad policy. It is fundamental alteration of the duty of the federal government to defend and enforce civility and private rights. Washington would never have embraced such a travesty. Morality guided his principles, but so did his convictions that he must do everything possible to uphold functioning domestic governance.
            We find in his writings a reference to a looming “Propriety of a Separation” from that oppressive government in its “war against its own citizens”. “In breaching the sacred principle … the ministry had renounced its right to govern.”
            To patriots, he insisted, “it was no longer an option but a necessity to “shake off all Connexions with a State so unjust & … unnatural.”
            The 43
            Michigan’s Justin Amash leads the list of names supporting this Obama agenda effort. His actions leave too many in a state of incredulity. Representative Amash has never been a bleeding heart by any measure. In fact, his Freedom Index rating (rating as tied to Constitutional adherence) is superb. He has consistently been rated at the top of the short list of those congressmen whose efforts have been aimed at maintaining vigil over Originality. His average rating for this entire tenure in Congress is 94%. He had a score of 95% in the 2nd Semester of the 114th  Congress and an astounding 100% in the 1st Semester, thereof.
            On the other end of the spectrum are numbers of Republicans with failing Index ratings. One example is Texas’ Will Hurd, whose 23rd congressional district stretches eight hundred miles from San Antonio on the east to El Paso County on the west. Sworn into his office January 6, 2015, Hurd voted 96% with his party’s position on roll call votes. His Freedom Index, however, was a dismal 60%. He is the only member of Congress who served in the CIA during the War on Terror. He is the first black Republican congressman elected from the state of Texas. He is against building a wall on his district’s international boundary.
            Of the other 41 who embraced the agenda, ten are from the West and 31 are from the East. With their vote, each has served notice that liberal judges will now do all they can to assure that sexual orientation and gender identification … trump religious protections, privacy, and safety.

Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “I know a few of my high school buddies would have embraced this debacle with gusto. Let no one be presumptuous, however … none of the mother’s of the girls I knew would have appreciated their daughters being exposed to the intentions of those characters.”

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