Monday, June 20, 2016

Former "Amazing Race" contestants running for Oklahoma Legislature

Two former “Amazing Race” contestants are in a new kind of competition: a race for the Oklahoma Legislature. Jet and Cord McCoy, brothers and ranchers from southeast Oklahoma, are running for seats in the state Senate and House. The two brothers gained popularity after competing in three seasons of “The Amazing Race,” finishing as high as second place in the reality TV show. Jet, 36, is a Republican from Ada campaigning for Oklahoma Senate District 13. Cord, 35, lives in Tupelo and is a Democratic candidate for State House District 18. Both McCoys are running their campaigns on the back of communication, common sense, decision-making ability and character, the brothers said. “I feel like Jet and I went three times around the world with 30 million people watching of how we could have messed up, how we could have made the wrong decisions, been bad examples for Oklahoma,” Cord said. “It's not like we've been behind closed doors at the Capitol. Our lives have been opened up and shown to the rest of the world how we really are and how we react and the decisions that we make in the spur of the moment.”...more

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