Friday, June 03, 2016

Getting 'High on Life' lands Canadian men in hot water for Yellowstone stunt

Authorities in Yellowstone national park are urging a group of Canadian men accused of tramping off trail and dabbing in a delicate hot spring to turn themselves in, after images were posted on social media of their reported antics there and across a string of American “national treasures”. Federal warrants have been issued in Wyoming for the arrest of the four friends, who market themselves under variations of their Vancouver-based clothing and entertainment brand High on Life. The men were recorded on video last month striding out of bounds across the fragile, psychedelic landscape at the spectacular Grand Prismatic Spring in the heart of Yellowstone. Some of them could be seen dipping their hands in the large thermal pool. The incident followed an earlier episode where they went wake-boarding behind their bright blue touring vehicle across the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah during the spring wet season. But the Bonneville and Yellowstone incidents were just the latest in a series of stunts that have garnered the men both fans and withering contempt online for, variously, allegedly swinging on a rope from Corona Arch in Utah, which is banned; going into prohibited areas at Machu Picchu in Peru; and climbing on the Holocaust memorial in Berlin...more

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