Thursday, June 23, 2016

How about a robot helper on the farm?

You’ve heard about UAVs – better known as drones – but what about a UGV? That’s an “unmanned ground vehicle,” and Milrem and Leica Geosystems recently announced the debut of what it says is the first UGV for off-road use, giving it possible applications in the agriculture industry, including surveying, security and monitoring. The Pegasus:Multiscope and Pegasus:Two models can follow a pre-programmed route, detect disturbances and take thermal imagery. It is also easily able to cross potentially dangerous or difficult areas. Kuldar Vaarsi, CEO of Milrem AS, says farmers and ranchers could potentially use UGVs to collect real-time data on large-scale operations. Orchards and vineyards could use it to check ripeness of fruit, as one example. Or, row-crop farmers could more smartly monitor field drainage, he says. It supports a variety of attachments, such as a snow blade, fork lift or spray tank...more

I guess now we'll have drones spying on robots.
John Deere robots are next.
Is this what Baxter Black and Julie Carter will be writing about in the future?

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