Friday, June 10, 2016

How They Handle Problem Wolves In Wyoming

A wolf pack near lander is killing livestock, causing concern for ranchers in the area. The pack has seven wolves, more than half are targeted for elimination. Fish and Wildlife Deputy Field Supervisor Tyler Abbott said “we’ve authorized up to four wolves to be legally taken.” One rancher who wants to remain anonymous is frustrated he can’t protect his cattle by himself. A Lander cattle rancher wishing to remain anonymous said “we don’t have the option to protect our livestock by keeping the wolf numbers down and the financial cost of the added surveillance of our cattle and checking on them.” News 13’s Landon Harrar reported “ranchers told me their biggest concerns aren’t just the killings but also that the wolves are stressing out their livestock which affects how much they eat. That means when they go to be sold they aren’t as valuable because those livestock don’t weigh as much as they should.” Officials hope killing part of the pack will persuade the wolves to leave. Abbott mentioned “often times you can take out a portion of those and that’s enough to disrupt the social structure of the group and cause them to disperse and leave the area.”...more

And in NM?...sorry.

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