Friday, June 03, 2016

Meteor sightings in New Mexico caught on camera

ROSWELL, N.M.(KRQE) – Around 5 a.m Thursday, a huge fireball shot through the sky, visible from Arizona all the way to here in New Mexico. It’s a sight that caught a lot of people waiting for the sunrise off guard. “I saw was a bright light, I turn around and I see another bright light and then I just see it go down,” said Tony Rodriguez, who saw the light in Alamogordo. Rodriguez was working this morning when he saw the bright flash of light. Making sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, he checked this video on his work’s security camera. “You just don’t know what to expect.. You kind of think all kinds of silly things,” said Rodriguez. Astronomers believe the fiery flash was most likely a meteor hurtling through the sky. Some of the flashes were so bright they lit up the sky like midday...more

Go to the link for the KRQE video report.

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