Monday, June 06, 2016

Nearly 1,000 Miles Added To National Trails Systems

Nearly 1,000 miles have been added to the national trails systems, with more than 600 miles added to the National Water Trails System and more than 350 miles added to the National Trails System. “By designating these new National Trails, we recognize the efforts of local communities to provide outdoor recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Friday in making the additions. “Our world-class network of national trails provides easily accessible places to enjoy exercise and connect with nature in both urban and rural areas while also boosting tourism and supporting economic opportunities in local communities across the country.” National Recreation Trail designation recognizes existing trails and trail systems that link communities to recreational opportunities on public lands and in local parks across the Nation. Each of the newly designated trails will receive a certificate of designation, a set of trail markers and a letter of congratulations from Secretary Jewell. While national scenic trails and national historic trails may only be designated by an act of Congress, national recreation trails (including national water trails) may be designated by the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture in response to an application from the trail's managing agency or organization...more

Do you reckon we'll ever see a headline like "1,000 Cows Added To Lincoln National Forest"?

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