Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New York City moves forward with plan for deer vasectomies

New York City is moving forward with efforts to control the overpopulation of deer on Staten Island with vasectomies. The Staten Island Advance reports Comptroller Scott Stringer is allowing the city to fast-track the contracting process on a $2 million study. The state Department of Environmental Conservation must also approve the plan. The department has said deer fertility control programs have "limited effectiveness." It only permits such programs if they're part of a scientific study. Deer can harm property, spread tick-borne illness and cause traffic accidents. A 2014 aerial survey found 763 deer in Staten Island's green spaces. Some ecologists believe there might now be more than 1,000. The study would start in September. Hundreds of bucks would be tranquilized, given vasectomies and released onto parkland over three years.  AP

What do you call a castrated deer?  A balless buck?  A deer steer?   A nutless, rutless cervidae?  Dancer or Prancer?

Actually, they are going to give them a vasectomy.  I guess castration is just too cruel.  So what do you call a city that will spend $2 million to have a bunch of vasectomized venison running around?


Anonymous said...

This can't be for real. It sounds more like a skit from Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion

Tick said...

I wonder if it will make the meat more tender.

Frank DuBois said...

Anonymous, there are many other sources for this, including this one which has video: