Monday, June 13, 2016

Prosecutors Say Seized Guns Were For Intimidating and Threatening Federal Officers

"It is my belief that all of the firearms described in this declaration had been brought to or near MNWR (Malheur National Wildlife Refuge) grounds by the indicted and unindicted occupiers prior to seizure for the purpose of impeding, intimidating, and threatening federal officers from discharging their duties." That's FBI agent Katherine Armstrong in an affidavit filed Friday spelling out why she believes the 50 guns seized by the federal government after the 41-day armed occupation of the refuge are subject to forfeiture. Civil forfeiture laws give the government 120 days after the seizure to file paperwork to take possession. "It is evident from the statements and actions of the armed occupiers that the open carry, display, and talk of weapons and need to use force if confronted by federal agents, was done for the purpose of threatening and intimidating federal officials from discharging their duties," Armstrong writes. In court papers, Armstrong quotes several of the occupiers discussing the possible use of force...more

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