Monday, June 20, 2016

Roping the sky: Casper holds first drone rodeo

On Saturday, the Casper Air Modelers is teaming with the Casper Sports Alliance, hosting the first Western States Drone Rodeo. “Drones are becoming real popular, obviously. So we wanted to try and hold an event that would expose people to an organized side of the hobby,” said Josh Nelson, president of the Casper Air Modelers. “Also, (we’re) trying to get rid of the stigma that (drones) are dangerous and causing all kinds of problems. If used in a responsible manner, they’re just a lot of fun.” This is the first drone-related event hosted by the Casper Air Modelers, whose outdoor course near the Casper Events Center is mainly reserved for model airplanes. The event will feature obstacle courses, races and more. The idea came from John Giantonio, director of the Casper Sports Alliance....more

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