Tuesday, June 21, 2016

With Cliven Bundy In Jail, BLM Moves To Reassert Authority Over Disputed Land

The federal Bureau of Land Management has announced it plans to return to work, clean up and access the Gold Butte region near Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch for the first time since Bundy and his brigade led a standoff against BLM officials in 2014. "Due to safety and security concerns, BLM employees have not conducted field work in the Gold Butte area in northeastern Clark County since early 2014. With the support of the local community, BLM officials have determined that the conditions are now right to resume work," a release from the agency stated. "BLM archaeologists, law enforcement officers, and local agency leadership have all visited the area over the past month." The list of to-dos for the BLM include "assessing the damage to cultural heritage sites," which may have been damaged after the standoff or related illegal grazing in the area. The BLM will also be "partnering with the National Park Service on critical repairs to communications infrastructure" and conducting road maintenance...more 

And this Salt Lake Tribune article notes:

The release says BLM Director Neil Kornze was among a group that visited the popular Whitney Pockets area — on the eastern edge of Gold Butte next to Virgin Mountain — where some of Gold Butte's distinctive red sandstone formations had been vandalized and a felled Joshua tree had caught the attention of Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who shared a photo on the Senate floor. The group saw evidence of overgrazing and trampling by cattle, the release said.  Reid has called for President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to designate the Gold Butte area a national monument.

If Obama were to designate it as a national monument, what do you think the grazing language will say?


Anonymous said...

OBVIOUSLY the "WESTERNER" is a very far left liberal ( And tainted) biased Media. The People that were there in support of Bundy were not, I REPEAT NOT "ANTI GOVERNMENT" They were about GOVERNMENT OVEREACH and Nazi like Tactics used on the American People. BUNDY Has NOT REFUSED TO Pay for Grazing fees. HE Believes in DUE Process of which he has been denied. HE WANTED and RIGHTFULY SO...to PAY THE STATE OF NEVADA...who is TOO Couwardly and COW TOWS To The Corrupt Harry Reid and his cronies. IF YOU at "THE WESTERNER" are going to REPORT....make sure you do not use Sensationalistic ENFLAMATORY speech NOW, lets see if you will be willing to let this comment and truths go up and stay up?

Frank DuBois said...

Oh, it will stay up. Its to humorous to delete. In fact, I will publish it on the blog, along with my response. Watch for Sunday's edition.