Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wyoming beef reaches Canadian markets coast to coast

Cody beef producer Wyoming Authentic Products continues to expand its foreign market reach thanks to a Canadian tradeshow the company has attended the past two years. Wyoming Authentic Products met sales brokers in 2014 and obtained over 100 customer leads in 2015 at the Canadian Health Food Association East trade show in Toronto. Buyers were impressed with the company’s line of high-quality steaks, jerky and beef sticks. Company owner and founder David Fales — a fourth-generation Wyoming rancher — expects sales derived from the show to top $100,000. Wyoming Authentic Products’ expansion into Canada arrives on the heels of the company’s arrival in 7-Eleven stores throughout Florida. The new markets bolster an existing customer base in 40 other states. According to Jessi Larsen, Wyoming Authentic Products’ quality assurance manager, Wyoming Authentic Products is dedicated to providing the highest quality. “We realize that to provide the best product, we must treat the means to our product with utmost care,” she said. “Although we believe that cattle should be used for a source of delicious meat, we feel strongly that the live animal ought to be treated with dignity and respect.” To that end, Larsen said the company only uses “carefully handled cattle” from ranches that have been specially audited by the WBC. In order to pass the audit, ranchers must meet benchmarks as set forth by the Wyoming Beef Council Quality Assurance Program. These benchmarks indicate assessment of several different parts of animal handling and husbandry, including proper and adequate nutrition, properly maintained livestock facilities (fences, chutes, etc.), access to appropriate shelter for environmental conditions, proper animal health practices, proper handling of animals during movement, and humane management practices...more

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