Friday, July 01, 2016

50 companies apply to flaunt New Mexico True

More than 50 companies have applied for the right to flaunt their official “New Mexico True” bona fides to the world, according to the state tourism department. The department in April launched the New Mexico True Certified program, giving qualifying local producers the ability to use special branding on their packages and marketing materials. Officials say it allows the state’s ranchers, farmers, wineries, salsa-makers and other producers to tap into the “New Mexico True” brand already backed by more than $30 million worth of tourism-related advertising since 2012. Tourism Secretary Rebecca Latham said 53 companies had applied for the program as of last week. Each gets vetted to ensure its products are 100 percent made, grown, or born and raised in New Mexico. The state has accepted 24 of those applicants into the program and is reviewing and verifying the rest, she said...more

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