Sunday, July 24, 2016

Baxter Black - Timed Events Can Be Tough

In the world of rodeo, cowboys usually fall into one of two categories; rough stock riders or timed event men. Each looks on the other with suspicion. Bronc riders can’t imagine havin’ to drag a horse and trailer all over the country and ropers think bull riding is uncivilized!

Jack and Russell entered the punkin roller at Bokchito, Okla. They were both 16 and invincible! On arrival they discovered a mixup. Jack entered in the bareback and Russell in the calf roping. Jack complained, “I told Mr. Ward to put me in the calf ropin’ and Russell was ridin’ bares! Besides, Russell’s bought a brand new riggin’!” Which, of course he had! Not only that, Russell had a new set of custom made bronc spurs and had just attended Mel Autry’s rodeo school!

The secretary glared at him and growled, “Well, Jack, you better see if it fits your hand, ‘cause I ain’t changin’ the order!”

They stomped around cussing the contractor, the secretary, their luck and each other’s event. But as the National Anthem played over the speakers, Jack was down in the chute tryin’ to pound his left hand into Russell’s right hand riggin’!

Minnie Mouse was an 800-pound grulla mare. Jack made some comment about stick horses and shetlands. ‘Bout not wantin’ to hurt her. Russell ignored him. Jack was sorta scratchin’ his spurs a little and thinkin’, “By, gosh, this ain’t bad! I’m winnin’ the bareback! Easier than I thought.’

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