Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Boise Gun Dealer Shocked After Machine Gun Stolen By Bundy Sympathizer

...But a man associated with a recovered machine gun says he was surprised to see the weapon turn up in a federal investigation, noting that federal agents hadn’t contacted him before or after the arrest. Michael Emry of Boise, Idaho, was in Harney County throughout the armed occupation reporting for “The Voice Of Idaho,” a website he established with his wife, Becky Hudson, to report on self-styled militia groups. Emry was found with a fully-automatic Browning M2 hidden in his truck and RV trailer near John Day on Friday. Weaver said he was surprised to learn Emry had his .50 caliber Browning M2 in Oregon. “Holy s—-. How did he get in the shop?” Weaver said. “I haven’t been there because we’ve been in the process of moving. I guess he could have made extra keys I don’t know about.” Weaver said his inventory is small, but most is under lock-and-key. He said he had taken the Browning M2 out to photograph it more than a month ago, because he had considered selling it. Weaver said he purchased the gun Feb. 6, 2001, from Diamond Dick’s Pawn in Boise. He said it was in pieces and the barrel wasn’t with it, so it was non-operational...more

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