Friday, July 22, 2016

Cowboy heritage still strong in Grant County

The National Day of the Cowboy, celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of July, will be observed this year on July 23. The day is dedicated to celebrating the hard work and cultural contributions of cowboys. Although there is not a major organized observance of the holiday in Silver City this year, there are still plenty of regional cowboys who appreciate a special day of recognition has been set aside for them. Many Grant County residents still proudly embrace and perpetuate the area’s western heritage. The National Day of the Cowboy is a time to remember those who have worked to maintain the traditions and legacy of cowboy, ranching and western culture. The Silver City area, like all of New Mexico, is steeped in the colorful and often turbulent history of the American west. The expansion of the American frontier into New Mexico resulted in cowboys and other settlers from diverse locations and backgrounds settling in Grant County and shaping its history. One group that helps keep cowboy culture alive in Grant County today is the Southwest Horseman’s Association. Their annual rodeo brings an influx of rodeo competitors, fans and vendors to the area. “The National Day of the American Cowboy commemorates the rich legacy of our country and cattle ranchers,” said Kim Clark, president of the Southwest Horseman’s Association. “For many, the local rodeo is the only place they get to experience the excitement of the Old West. The Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo and its predecessor, the Grant County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo, work diligently to host a local rodeo each year to honor the American cowboy, as well as to celebrate the enduring spirit of our western heritage.”...more

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