Thursday, July 28, 2016

Floyd Traynor - I Wonder

This was written in the late 1960's, but still applies today...FT

I Wonder 

I wonder what a man would think
Of America today,
If he came from days gone by
Through history someway?

If Jefferson was on the scene
And saw our plight today,
Would he still pen those words so great
That set us on our way?

If Washington was still around
I wonder if he'd stay
Across the sea in Vietnam
Or turn the other way?

If Lincoln saw the blood that's shed
And newly mounded graves,
I wonder id he'd fight a war
To try and free the slaves?

Now, men are men, and it's a fact
The world keeps turning 'round
I wonder if our Fathers loathe
This land they helped to found?

Written and copyrighted 1968 by Floyd Traynor.

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