Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ryan Bundy's 15-foot 'escape plan' comes up short

Ryan Bundy told a judge that the braided bedsheets, extra food and clothes that deputies found in his jail cell in April weren't part of any escape scheme. That's probably for the best. His 15 feet of makeshift rope wouldn't have gotten him too far down the nearly 228-foot-tall Justice Center building that holds the maximum-security jail. "It's a high-rise tower, so it's not insignificant," said Multnomah County Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Alexander. Breaking out of the maximum security jail and scaling down the building would be a considerable feat, Alexander said. At a hearing on Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Barrow said prosecutors believe Ryan Bundy tried to escape from the detention center on April 8. Deputies found 12 to 15 feet of braided sheets hidden under Bundy's mattress, as well as a chair, two strips of torn sheets, extra towels and pillowcases and extra food and clothes in his cell. Bundy said he was just a rancher trying to practice braiding rope...more

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