Saturday, July 02, 2016


Red Lights
Freedom Rebirth
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            Have you noticed how many official vehicles now have red lights?
            They are everywhere. Red lights now flash for the traditional stuff we know all too well, but the expansion of flashing lights into the realm of support trades is no less than impressive. Survey teams, sign placement gophers, road debris pickers, fence crews, equipment transporters, inspectors, grader operators, herbicide applicators, street sweepers, supervisors, codes enforcement, vector control, dog catchers, city and county maintenance men, and escorts have all joined the ranks of city, state, village, and DOT policemen, rangers, brand inspectors, game wardens, sheriff deputies, fire marshals, ambulance drivers, investigators, fire trucks, Border Patrol, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and honey wagons with authority to flash their lights.
            Red, blue, white, yellow, and green lights now light up the roadways like Fourth of July fireworks as officials officiate their official authority.
            Equally impressive is the number of government vehicles now frequenting the roadways. On a recent trip up I25 to Belen, the number was so obvious a count was started. When 100 cars were counted, the unofficial survey was ended and 35% of all those vehicles on that stretch highway on that particular day were transportation for some form of government agency or department.
            Firepower, data manipulation, and free education for criminals
             Former Senator Tom Coburn made headlines last week by observing the same phenomenon regarding firearms in federal agencies.
In a ten-year period, 67 federal agencies spent $1.48 Billion on ammunition and guns. Nearly a quarter of that was spent by regulatory and administrative agencies. The IRS alone equipped 2316 agents at a cost of $5000 each for military equipment and firepower. The EPA has recently spent $3.1 million on guns and ammunition. The FDA has 183 heavily armed “special” agents. APHIS has been purchasing night vision goggles, liquid explosives, thermal cameras and scopes, and remote controlled helicopters. Veterans Affairs, without a single employee with firearm authorization in 1995, now has 3700 special ops type agents with night vision equipment, body armor, and AR type armament.
SBA, Social Security, NOAA, Department of Education, Bureau of Engraving, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology all now have firearm and arrest authority. Asked if their agency even had an inventory of armament, the IRS indicated they didn’t, “but could create one … if important”.
What is a most alarming fact is that there are now more non-Defense federal officials that are armed and have arrest authority than there are U.S. Marines. There are 180,000 U.S. Marines. The tally of armed agency officials is now 200,000. That is up from 74,500 in 1996.
As Senator Coburn points out, “The federal government has become a gun show that never adjourns.”
            The news that the Department of Interior ordered the closure of the USGS Energy Laboratory in Lakewood, Colorado in January was news. Finding any government facility closure must be considered headline news. Finding one closed by any agency’s own volition is rarer yet.
            The information coming out of the office of Congressman Bruce Westerman suggests the lab should have been closed in 2008 when it was caught willfully manipulating data relating to environmental and health issues. Not only was it not closed it spent another $108 million up until closure operating on the basis of catering to environmental groups to find whatever answer they wanted to find.
            “We do it like magic,” a former USGS official told auditors.
            Nobody seems to know what the scientific results were used for and that includes the Congressman and the Deputy Inspector General for the Department of Interior, Mary Kendall, a witness at the House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the matter. Her office indicated neither she nor anybody actually knows the context or the veracity of the magic statement or the far reaching effects of the cooked science.
            All they would do was to suggest that they could endeavor to find out … if it was important.
            What is the original premise of government? Is it self preservation and expansion or is it the protection of law and order and the safety of law abiding citizens? More frequently than not, it seems laws are simply ignored.
            A glaring example is this president’s side-stepping of the congressional ban for the use of Pell funding to educate incarcerated criminals. Since 1994, it has been illegal to use such funding, but that no longer matters. Education Secretary John King, Jr. has admitted the ban is still in place, but the administration claims their experimental authority under the Higher Education Act allows them to ignore the ban. They are selecting 67 colleges and universities to provide the educational training.
            Their evaluation found they weren’t breaking the law at all. Experimental authority has higher standing than legislation. They endeavored to find a route to extralegal authority, and they deemed it, “important”!
            Meanwhile, the Republican led Senate and House have funded all budgets for the independent agencies noted herein. That includes the federal distributions to the USGS and the state and local agencies and departments that are adding flashing red lights to the new vehicles in their growing legions of governmental and public employee ranks.
            Rather than wring our hands and froth at the mouth, though, maybe we must recognize the time for Wexit has finally arrived. Moreover, it is time for a victory for the American people.
            The pundits seemed to be surprised that 11 days ago the British people voted to remove the shackles of the European Union from their sovereign turf and self determination. England will no longer be subject to European legislation and courts of European justice. British businesses will be liberated from the tomfoolery of growing mountains of EU regulations that are suffocating innovation and opportunities.
            British Exit (from the EU) or Brexit is a resounding vote of distaste for socialism, immigration quagmire, and regulatory strangulation imposed by the multinational European cabal. Britain is now free to once again do the things that made her great. That includes trade agreements, national defense, and the rule of law by the citizenry.
            America should rejoice, but not simply for the opportunity for the renewal of historic relationships. America should reconsider its own sovereignty and self determination and seize the opportunity to advance prosperity in the same manner. Brexit should serve as a model to return the principles and ideals of the American model to originality. The Western Exit, or Wexit, should be the goal to advance constitutional government, the constitutional rule of law, and constitutional personal liberty and property to levels of dominion.
            It should start in the American West, but the courtesy of entry should be extended to all states that suffer the same regulatory strangulation of extralegal authority and corruption imposed by the new age Federalists that have made Washington their permanent home. It is time to stop this nonsense. Britain began taking their country back with a vote.
That should be exactly the goal and the intention of the American version of the strategy…Wexit.

Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “Fourth of July has become a holiday of past glory. It is time to remedy that.”

Count me in as a Wexiteer!

I call upon all you Western Singers to get with the program.  We need new songs, such as:

Under Wexit Skies

Out On The Wexit Plains

It's About To Get Wexit

There's more for sure.  For instance, we need the Wexit Governors Association, the Congressional Wexit Caucus and the Wexit Writers of America.

Give me some time and I'll think of more.  You should too, so send me your Wexiting ideas.


Bill Weddle said...

Count me a Wexiteer too.
Reclaim our country to it's original Constitutional government for the people by the people.
Cut the funding of all ABC agencies across the board.
The struggles and heavy prices we pay now are not only for ourselves, but for our loved one's futures generations from now. Many Americans have paid heavier prices then us their lives cut short, so that we could live free and carry on. That gives me the strength to keep in the good fight.
Vote for Donald Trump and lets work with him on turning all the wrongs to Rights again.
As it turns out he is the American Experiment's last hope.

John Bacon said...

It's time.

John Bacon said...

It's time.

Floyd said...

Helen Chenoweth Hage, whose credentials included both attorney and Congresswoman, and Ramona Morrison wrote a “White Paper” regarding federal law enforcement authority and the lack thereof in 2007. They started their 5 page discussion of Constitutional principles and review of Court decisions with this statement:

“,,,,Congress has never given a general grant of law enforcement to the federal government and that law enforcement with very narrow exceptions, is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the several States. The proposition that law enforcement and civil and criminal jurisdiction is exclusively within the power of the individual states is well attested to by decisions of the United States Supreme Court, the Constitution for the United States of America and fully recognized in the laws and statutes of Nevada State. The United States Supreme Court opined in United States v Alphonzo Lopez, April 26, 1991 Case #93-1265:”

There seems to be clear language that legislative police powers exist but are limited by the Constitution including those enumerated powers. There is no clear indication of general authority for law enforcement officers on the federal payroll. That indicates all these federal "LEOs" have been put on the public payroll either by Congress which has ignored the US Constitution or by the agencies themselves through their rule making which ignores both Congress and the Constitution.

I’ve heard a convincing argument that because of the Supremacy Clause the federal powers are plenary and without limitation but have also been told that is only true within federal enclaves such as Washington DC and western “public lands” which are those lands to which no private claims have attached. That would indicate the cars with flashing lights are a symptom of a much larger disregard for the US Constitution. Maybe the flashing lights issue can be solved with enforcement of laws that prohibit impersonating peace officers.