Monday, August 29, 2016

1956 Little League winners from Roswell will gather again

The 1956 Lions-Hondo All-Star baseball team was not supposed to win the Little League World Series. But “supposed to” and “should’ve” never factored in for these rural kids from Southeastern New Mexico. Some came from farms, some from the city, but all of them came to play ball. “In those days it was either Boy Scouts, 4-H or Little League,” says Lions left fielder Harold Hobson. “I chose baseball.” Fast forward 60 years and the 1956 Lions-Hondo All-Stars are meeting once again. On Tuesday, they will come from all over the country to meet at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center, their first gathering in 33 years, to receive honors from the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico. “We just wanted to honor them and what they did. The board voted on who would be honored this year and they unanimously decided on the Lions-Hondo Little League team,” executive director, Amy McKay-Davis said. Roswell is not a bustling metropolis. “In those days we played on dirt fields and sat on wooden benches.” Hobson said. “Today, the Roswell Little League field is beautiful. The program has really grown. I guess we brought some attention to the program.” The journey began on a dirt field in Roswell on a hot Summer afternoon....more

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