Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8 anti-conservation “riders” poisoning federal budget process

Destructive add-ons or “riders” threaten everything from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to greater sage-grouse in a bill to keep the government funded over the next year. The next fiscal year starts on Oct. 1, meaning that Congress is running out of time to cobble together “must-pass” appropriations legislation that will pay for the day-to-day expenses of the federal government. But in what has become a sad annual commentary on some leaders’ dereliction of America’s conservation tradition, the process is gummed up with counterproductive “riders” that have no place in the appropriations process, and would hurt wildlands right when they sorely need our help. Annual failure to properly fund conservation Funding for conservation—which includes national parks, forests and wildlife refuges—makes up barely 1 percent of the federal budget. These programs are enormously popular and contribute substantially to our local and national economies, generating up to $10 for every $1 invested, and creating high quality jobs that cannot be exported. Despite this, these programs are on the chopping block once again as Congress works to pass a budget to fund the government for another fiscal year. As Congress works to pass an appropriations bill, we will fight for conservation funding, as well as working to keep the most toxic riders out of the budget. Here is our “top” eight list of the worst riders in the bill...more

I don't recall them bitching about the riders when the dem's were running things.

Besides there are some riders I've always liked, whether they were horseback or mounted on a spending bill.


Dave Pickel said...

Challenge us with your recall of some examples then.

Frank DuBois said...

examples of what?

Dave Pickel said...

Democratic spending bill riders you objected to in the past Frank.