Thursday, August 25, 2016

Attorney named to spearhead Finicum, Bundy lawsuits

Southern California attorney who has gained national recognition as a legal analyst for media outlets announced this week that he will represent the family of slain Arizona Strip rancher R. LaVoy Finicum and imprisoned Southern Nevada rancher Ryan Bundy in anticipated civil rights lawsuits against law enforcement officers involved in ending an Oregon wildlife refuge standoff earlier this year. Brian Claypool, the owner and managing partner of Pasadena’s Claypool Law Firm, was hired by LaVoy’s widow Jeanette and her 12 children to pursue the lawsuit Jeanette has previously said will redress what she calls the “murder” of her husband during a standoff with state police and federal officers near the refuge Jan. 26. Claypool will also represent Ryan Bundy in a similar lawsuit stemming from the gunshot wound Bundy received, allegedly by law enforcement officers, minutes before Finicum’s death. And Claypool will reportedly serve as co-counsel in defending Bundy against criminal charges arising from the alleged conspiracy to defy federal authorities in an armed occupation of the Malheur National Forest refuge during the month preceding Bundy’s arrest. In addition to his legal work, Claypool is known as a “TV, legal, social and entertainment commentator,” according to his website. This month, he has made appearances on Fox News and CNN to discuss a number of legal cases as well as controversy surrounding Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s arrest in Brazil...more

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Dave Pickel said...

Throw good money after none. It's too bad LaVoy died. He wanted it that way however. The Finicums should be suing the Bundys.