Monday, August 22, 2016

Deadly Bacteria Plaguing Cattle Herds Across Oklahoma

A potentially deadly bacteria is plaguing cattle herds across Oklahoma. Anaplasmosis has been in the United States for about 30 years. It’s common in the summer time when horse flies and ticks are most active. But one Green Country vet says this summer is one of the worst he’s seen in years. “It's actually a bacteria that's transmitted primarily by biting flies, ticks, anything that transmits blood, you can also do it with needles,” Beggs Veterinarian Dr. Gary Bynum said. Bynum says after an infected horse fly or tick bites it transfers parasites that affect the red blood cells and cause cattle become anemic. “Without treatment, they will die,” said Dr. Bynum. “Sometimes, they get so anemic that they don't get enough blood to the brain and they'll kind of go crazy and they'll charge you.” One of King’s infected cows charged her earlier this summer. “She went from looking up at me to full charging and I back up and kind of dodged her a little bit and then she turned around and came after me again,” said King. "In this weather, they're kind of laying around, they're kind of lazy. It's hard to pick up on a sick cow." That cow died, but if caught early enough there are treatments that can save the cattle. Ranchers can also use things like medicated feed mineral and vaccines to keep the animals from getting sick...more

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