Thursday, August 11, 2016

Proposed compromise could salvage major desert race

The popular Las Vegas-to-Reno off-highway race would go forward as planned under a proposed compromise aimed at protecting Nevada’s newest national monument. Michael Herder, manager of the Bureau of Land Management’s Ely District, said a decision on whether racers can traverse a portion of the Basin and Range National Monument could happen by the end of the week.The original application called for the race to enter the monument from the east at Seaman Wash Road north of Hiko and exit heading west near Rachel, traversing just 40 miles on existing roads at the southern end of the 704,000-acre monument. Under the proposed compromise the route would remain the same. But when racers reach the monument they will slow down to 35 miles-per-hour and will not be allowed to pass each other. The racing could resume once competitors leave the monument. Although Herder said he doesn’t expect a final decision on the race permit until at least Thursday or Friday, Best in the Desert Racing Association, which organizes the event, already has terms of the deal on its website....more

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Dave Pickel said...

This so-called National Monument is one of the sorriest in the nation. It's boundaries should not be an impediment to the race.