Thursday, August 18, 2016

Utah wildlife board speaks out against Bears Ears monument

Utah Wildlife Board members are joining a chorus of state-level opposition to the proposed Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah by sending a letter to U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell that outlines their concerns. The board sent a letter Wednesday that contends the designation would impact hunting, fishing and trapping and put at risk thriving populations of a plethora of wildlife including elk, deer and bighorn sheep. "It is imperative that the state of Utah manage its wildlife resources if we are to continue seeing the robust wildlife populations and high-quality wildlife recreation the area is known for," the letter says. In the letter, board members argue that the abundance of wildlife and recreational opportunities in the area is due to the collaboration of state officials and sportsmen organizations. Board chairman John Bair writes in the letter that a change in management practices would "threaten the progress we as a state have made in restoring and enhancing wildlife populations found there, and impair wildlife related recreational use and enjoyment of this truly special area."...more

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