Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ammon Bundy had $8,031 in cash when arrested, talked on cell en route to jail

After his arrest on Jan. 26, Ammon Bundy was found with an envelope containing $8,000 of cash in his jacket, a receipt from a Jan. 1 purchase of nearly $200 in ammunition from a BiMart in Idaho and a withdrawal slip in his wallet for $6,000 from a Chase Bank Fred Meyer in Idaho visited the day before, an FBI agent testified Tuesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Gabriel told the court the evidence indicates that Bundy planned to remain at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for a long time. During transportation to jail by van after a cursory search of him, Harney County Sheriff's Sgt. Lucas McLain heard Bundy talking on a cell phone. Lt. Brian Needham turned on the overhead light in the van, and they could see Bundy, who was handcuffed, balancing a cell phone between his shoulder and ear, McLain testified Tuesday. They stopped the van at the Bureau of Land Management office west of Burns along U.S. 20, and Bundy, along with co-defendant Ryan Payne and Victoria Sharp, were removed from the van to be searched. McLain said he searched the van and found a cell phone in the crook of the seat where Bundy had been...more

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