Friday, September 23, 2016

Benefit concert to raise awareness on ranching industry

ALAMOGORDO – Ranching Truth, a non-profit organization that consists of ranchers, cowboys and agriculture professionals is organizing a benefit concert Sunday, Sept. 25, to inform the public of the positive side of the ranching industry in America. Ranching Truth aims to make accessible information that accurately describes the practices of the ranching business. They believe every American is a stakeholder in the beef industry so they take an active stand against the negative misinformation by providing positive conversation and facts. Colt Howland who is one of the founders of Ranching Truth said one of the purposes of the concert is to raise money to go out and advocate for the cattle industry. “Several of us have started this Ranching Truth non-profit, we’re trying to raise money to go out and advocate more for the cattle industry. That’s our main goal to educate for the industry,” Howland said. He said in the past few years there has been a lot of negative information, that’s when Ranching Truth was born to educate people on the actual practices they do. “We noticed there was no real voice pushing back on that. We have the science and data on our side to kind of counter these attacks,” Howland said. “We started this Ranching Truth non-profit and we realized we have to have money to get the message out.”...more

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