Friday, September 09, 2016

Some calling for cancellation of Calf Scramble

Some people want to put an end to a long-standing tradition at the New Mexico State Fair. This year's Calf Scramble at Tingly Colosseum is set to take place during the rodeo next Wednesday. Teens will be chasing down and catching calves to win money which they can then spend on raising other livestock. "This, in my mind, entails terror for the animals, an unpleasant situation where they feel that they are in danger,” said Patrizia Antonicelli, who opposes the event. “It's not a happy way of teaching kids how to deal with animals." Antonicelli, and some others, think it's time to end the Calf Scramble. She posted a message on Facebook calling the tradition “cruel” and “irresponsible.” She is encouraging her followers to contact the State Fair and ask the event to be canceled. "I respect this state. I love it. I moved from my country to be here,” she said. “I don't want to hurt anybody. I would just like to bring to the attention of people what could be changed for the better." “We believe that fringe groups like PETA are behind this effort to spread misinformation about a rodeo tradition that goes back many, many decades,” said Erin Kinnard Thompson, Deputy Manager/Communications Director for New Mexico State Fair/EXPO New Mexico. “Here at the State Fair, we ensure that the animals are safe, and we have veterinarians on site as a precaution. Furthermore, qualifying in the calf scramble event gives farm and ranch kids from all over New Mexico the ability to further their agricultural endeavors which can often lead to scholarships for college and other educational benefits.” The State Fair said it has no plans to cancel the event but will listen to feedback from the public.  KOB

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