Friday, September 30, 2016

Wolves attack cattle protected by range rider program

UPDATE, Sept. 30, 5 p.m. -- On Sept. 29, WDFW staff investigated another attack that injured a calf in the Smackout Pack territory and confirmed it as a wolf depredation. That brings the total documented to three depredation events on livestock since September 21, including the one confirmed kill, one confirmed injury, and one probable kill.  Despite preventative measures and monitoring by a model range rider project, cattle on a grazing allotment northeast of Colville have been attacked by wolves. As one wildlife biologist said on my Facebook page, "Bummer. They were doing so well (staying out of trouble) for so long." The Smackout Pack has become the second wolf pack in northeastern Washington implicated in killing cattle this month by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. A Sept. 23 attack on a calf is the first confirmed wolf depredation in the Smackout Pack area this calendar year. WDFW officials have not yet officially confirmed where the Smackout attacks occurred. However, here are details, insight and perspective sent to me by Conservation Northwest, a group that's supported proactive measures to keep wolves away from these cattle...more

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