Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Butchered Livestock Found Near Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp

by Kerry Picket

North Dakota authorities say slaughtered and missing livestock have been reported around the area of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Department, along with other law enforcement agencies, are investigating two specific cases near Cannon Ball, Forum News Service reported.

“The issue is [the protesters] are leaving the peace camp. In fact, in many cases we have situations where they’re not anywhere near that area, and they’re camping out in different areas and there’s guerrilla tactics and warfare that’s implemented. They go out and strike and run and it’s an issue,” North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goerhring told GCN Radio’s Scott Hennen.

Goehring explained, “They’re trespassing on private property, they’re destroying property. Now we’ve been able to confirm numerous animals that are missing, have been slaughtered. We have issues where people can’t even travel out there in the countryside, back and forth to their farms and their ranches, going to the pasture, going to the fields. They can’t get harvest done, they can’t get truck drivers in the haul grain out.”

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